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Clubs Preview

Delete @ The Vaults, Cardiff Bay

Tue 26 Dec

Boxing Day is, arguably, better than Christmas Day itself. Pubs and bars are open and public transport is running, for a start. You’re also not necessarily confined to the house, trumping your way through Only Fools And Horses and eating turkey sandwiches and falling out with relatives over Brexit. Not, it must be said, a bad way of spending an evening. But if cabin fever has started to set in, then the traditional Boxing Day night out is a perfect way of addressing some of that monstrous festive bulk you’ve started to accumulate – and we can’t think of many better places to do it than the Vaults, unquestionably Cardiff’s sweatiest venue.

The Delete crew are having a busy festive season this year. On Cardiff’s Black Friday (the boozy last Friday before Christmas – the 22nd this year – where everyone and their dog goes out for a big one, as opposed to the American retail extravaganza) they’re having a vinyl-only session in Blue Honey’s night cafe. Then, whilst their Christmas lunches are probably still working their way through their system, they’re opening the doors of the Vaults for a post-Yule tear-up.

Heading up proceedings is Ukranian fave Nastia, who’s probably grateful for a bit of relative warmth here than the icy environs in December of her homeland. A rarity in this day and age, she’s a DJ first and foremost, and has made a name herself through on-point selections and dextrous mixing rather than hours holed up in a studio. Joining her at the controls are the trio of Delete residents, Matt Owen, Marc Parsons and Lee Graves. Elsewhere, in the venue’s second room, the Rotary Club crew will be on hand doing their thing.

All in all, it sounds a little bit more appealing than subjecting yourself to turkey, bubble and squeak. And you’ll be able to boast about how you’ve got a head start on your January health kick by sweating our roughly half your body weight too. A win-win.

Tickets: £18. Info:


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