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Stage Preview

Chapter, Cardiff

Tues 12 – Sat 16 Sept

The final play in a trilogy, Quiet Hands is a performance piece that follows the life of an autistic person from childhood to adulthood.

In this concluding part, we follow our main character as they interact with their new best friends. But problems accrue as these new friends become their whole world. What do you do when your only friends can communicate with a look of their eye or through the tones of their voice? These subtle changes that can convey thousands of meanings an autistic person is unlikely to understand.

Winterlight Theatre’s last visit to Chapter was for a sell-out. This new play is expected to do the same. Exploring the growing problem labelled ‘Mate Crime’, this play hopes to tackle preconceived ideas of autism as well as raise awareness of Mate Crime and it problems.

To those who don’t know, Mate Crime is where people pretend to befriend a vulnerable person, while secretly stealing from or abusing them. This type of crime often goes unnoticed because of its ambiguous nature and often private locations. An important topic handled as the conclusion of a riveting trilogy, Quiet Hands looks to be a significant piece.

Tickets: £12. Info: 029 2030 4400 / (MM)

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