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Book Review

Alfred Kubin (Dedalus)

Although originally published in 1908, Kubin’s dystopian world is still awe striking today. Its strange logic, akin to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, shows the absurdism of bureaucratic nonsense. While the social quirkiness and word play, similar to Alice and Wonderland, creates a wonderfully dark and humorous atmosphere. Knowing the German origins of this novel, created before the World Wars, The Other Side reflects an interesting horror of following pure ideology with no reason or morality. When the newspaper Voice shouts ‘Vooooice! Get your Voice ‘ere!’, it echoes the underlying thought that continues throughout the novel; how much of your voice is yours, when so many things in life control you. This horrifically gripping storyline shows the grotesque nature of humanity, from deceit to murder, cruelness to sexual offenses, and personal control to dictatorship.

Price: £9.99. Info:  (MM)

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