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Book Review

Douglas Board (Lightning Books)

This book is dedicated to the memory of the murdered MP Jo Cox and, despite the fact it’s been a year since her death as well as the myriad political issues we’re currently facing, there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to read this book. Douglas Board manages to create a riveting satire about the British government that’s so insightful it’s scary.

Considering our current situation that nobody could have predicted, it’s both funny and startling to see close to the bone Board’s writing strikes. Set in the not-so-distant future of 2020 the story is a disturbing projection of our present political climate that, at times, may not seem too far-fetched. Chanting the mantra, “Britain’s Great! End of!”, the latest Prime Minister, Bob Grant, is a representative of the people and isn’t afraid of being thought of as unsavoury. After all, he has a dubious past and even his own brother hasn’t spoken to him for over a decade. This brother is actor, Zack, who will come to have the biggest break of his life when he’s called upon to impersonate his brother as part of a special mission to prevent total chaos befalling Britain.

Scattered with cultural and popular references, the novel embraces all aspects of Britishness from Coronation Street to Meccano. Board has clearly done his homework and provides a great overview of the state of affairs of government and politics and those that work in the sector. There’s a fine line between life and art and, in this tale, the boundaries are certainly blurred when juxtaposed with our present reality.

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