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Sherman Cymru

Sat 15 Dec



Usko loves to hear stories, to go on adventures, and mess about in the snow. One Christmas carnival, after making snow angels and getting told off by his mother for doing so, he sneaks off to find his own story but he gets lost in the deep, dark forest. To his luck, his favourite story comes to life in Little Bear, the Snow Tiger’s daughter: the happiest, loveliest tiger there ever was.

With themes of friendship, courage and the benefit of sharing, the Snow Tiger is more than just playing, fun and music, it aids children’s understanding of those subjects as Usko is faced with the evil witch Baba Yaga and tries to befriend her in his brave way before tricking her into leaving. Throughout his journey he shares his precious cake with a hungry crow, Little Bear and finally the little boy Urho who had been so nasty to him at the start.

The cast are fantastic, a talented trio in Carwyn Jones (Usko) Bethan Mai (Snow Tiger/Mama) and Alun Saunders (Baba Yaga/Urho) engage with the children right from the start, before the show has even properly begun. They play several instruments each throughout; an accordion, trumpet, flute, guitar and the gentle sound of chimes. The instruments add to the magical atmosphere, along with the singing, storytelling and puppetry. Written by Philip Mitchell and translated by Branwen Davies, The Snow Tiger is performed in both Welsh and English by the cast in alternate shows.

The set is simple but effective, perfect for easily distracted three to six year olds. Painted tree’s move on sleds, and a log is set in the centre as a focal point for the action, the Snow Tiger puppet is adorable, the black and white striped/snowflake pattern echoed perfectly in Bethan Mai’s costume.

Based on a Scandiavian folk tale, this joyful winter tale captures the imagination and will be enjoyed by both children and adults

Snow Tiger and Teigr Yr Eira continues at Sherman Cymru until Sat 5 Jan. Info: www.shermancymru.co.uk / 029 2064 6900

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