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Comedy Interview

Comedian Nick Helm, star of TV’s Uncle and Eat Your Heart Out brings his There Is Nothing You Can Do To Me, That I Haven’t Done To Myself show to The Glee Club in Cardiff next month. Chris Andrews caught up with Nick for a chat.

You’re due to play the Glee Club in Cardiff next month as part of your U.K tour. Have you played Cardiff before and how did you find it?

Oh yeah, I’ve done Cardiff quite a lot. I did Oxjam in Cardiff; I played Treorchy and even the Brecon Beacons. I’ve played a lot of shows with Henry Widdicombe. My worst ever gig was actually in Newport, but that’s neither Wales nor England is it. But yeah I’ve had some great gigs here. I love Wales.

I was reading some of the promotional material for the tour that said “Stop fearing the worst. It’s already happened. So instead of crying about it, why not crawl out of your homemade nuclear fallout shelters and bear witness to Living Legend and National Treasure in waiting Nick Helm.” Is this tour your attempt to galvanise the country currently feeling the effects of various political issues?

It was originally, but you write these things months and months in advance and it just evolved into something else. I had this plan to write about how I feel about the state of the world, but then I just got sick of everyone banging on about it, so now I’ve just written the show about myself. It’s a very personal show, so if anything I’ve written something that’s even more depressing than politics.

You’re known to like your rock music, it’s referenced in all your work and Luke Morley from Thunder was in an episode of Eat Your Heart Out, so who are some of your favourite bands?

Alice Cooper is what I get up in the morning for. I always tell Luke that Thunder are my second favourite band. AC/DC obviously, but then I like other stuff, like Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder, I like a mix.

You had a number of great guests on Eat Your Heart Out. Do you have any particular favourites?

My favourite episode was Peckham. That’s got some really lovely restaurants. Daisy Haggard who plays my sister in Uncle was in that one. That’s a really good episode. All the episodes with David Trent were a league above, he was great. It’s really good to work with a friend; we are really comfortable with each other. I just think he’s so funny.

Are you planning any more series of Eat your Heart Out?

Well, this series, we had four days to write 16 episodes, the whole process was just so fast, we had no budget it was just absolutely crazy. We were still making them when it came out. I do find watching myself quite difficult, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, so I’d like to, it’s a really lovely show, it’s funny and it’s got food in it, but we’ll have to see how it does.

Did you come to Wales at all when you were filming Eat Your Heart Out?

I wanted to come to Cardiff and I will if we do another series, but this series was more about places that are important to me. We started out in North London, where I live and where I grew up then St Albans and I used to live in Brighton, so we went there too.

So finally, what can we expect from your live show?

Ten years ago I’d do shows with lots of props and a band. I’ve still got songs, but it’s mainly just me on my own, so it’s sort of a stripped down back to basics show like how I started. It’s a more personal intimate show. I’ve got my friend David Trent supporting, we’re going to play some songs together at the end, so it’s a bit of a mix, but it’s a great night out.

Nick Helm, The Glee Club, Cardiff, Thu 12 Oct. Tickets: £12. Info: 012 1693 2248 /

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