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modular club previewMODULAR | CLUB PREVIEW

The Angel Inn, Aberystwyth, Fri 17 Feb

The third instalment of Aberystwyth’s very own independent techno event, Modular, arrives this Friday. For a relatively small seaside town in mid-Wales, this is a unique enterprise. Solely run by a collective of producers and DJs, some are often referred to as the “Techno Vikings” of Aberystwyth. Although there is a fairly keen culture of drum’n’bass in mid-Wales there isn’t much in the way of techno.

Modular stands alone in its slick and professionally structured organisation with sound systems and artists seldom seen in small club nights. This time around there will be five sets which will vary slightly in genre as the night evolves.

The evening will open with a set from Erwan Izri, who will be serving up some funk and disco tracks to get the crowd moving. Izri, will be followed by Khol (who you make recognise as the organiser of Aberystwyth’s Black House night) and Danny P, shifting the BPM slightly more towards the techno end of the spectrum with some ever-popular tech-house. It’s clear by the line-up that there will be a systematic progression, beginning with carefree disco-funk tracks and culminating with more rugged electronic minimalism.

Part of Modular’s success is down to the plethora of tracks that each DJ has in his back pocket and the balance of each set. As the evening climaxes, the aforementioned Techno Vikings will be taking over the room. Firstly, IOS will be summoning some weighty beats that brings techno back to the fundamentals, before Modular’s founder Mulkern will see the night into the morning with pulsating drums, claps and open hi-hats until the break of dawn.


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