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Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, Mon 4 Dec

3 stars


The giant countdown clock on the screen next to the stage had begun, just like at football matches. The Motorpoint Arena had that same electricity in the air, along with the minor threat of being pushed by excited lads. Apparently, beer throwing is a popular thing now as well.

The clock was watched expectantly, and to their credit Kasabian arrived and opened the show exactly on time. This very professional standard was maintained for the rest of the evening. Along with a ferocious intensity and a fervent self-belief, Kasabian went a good way into showing us why they have the key to the staying power their peers have lacked.

Ill Ray (The King), from latest album For Crying Out Loud, kicked off the set sounding like a party at Jamie Vardy’s house. The lads go mental, especially the ones sat on the shoulders of their mates. We are baptised with more lager.

Kasabian remained consistent and worthy of their white-denimed swagger as they ran through Shoot The Runner, Club Foot and Empire, proving all doubters wrong as to their Premier League credentials. You’re In Love With A Psycho was another highlight, a song about having no power over who you fall in love with; it was also an amazing sight watching the crowd sing the lyrics as it was a rare thing to see hundreds of people shout “Charles Bukowski”. Sergio Pizzorno’s mid-set acoustic bit was a welcome rest from the intensity, and his addressing the Cardiff crowd as one of the best went down well amongst those too young to remember Bruce Forsyth’s weekly opening monologue on Play Your Cards Right.

The band set the arena alight again with a popular hit-filled encore including Vlad The Impaler and Fire, Pizzorno and Tom Meaghan still bouncing around the stage like toddlers at soft play after too much full-sugar squash. I don’t know where they get their energy from.


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