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RIME ***

Tequila Works, PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

On the surface, Rime is absolutely stunning, decorated with astonishing Wind Waker-esque animation and a beautiful score by David García Díaz. Its story is originally intriguing; a young man washes up on a paradise island and with the help of a magical fox sets out after a mysterious man in a red cape he sees there. However, beneath its breath-taking exterior, Rime is a fairly unoriginal and short puzzler that doesn’t really make full use of its beautiful animation and just feels a little empty. Not challenging at all, but some may like that. LOB

Games Review


Terrible Toybox, PC, Xbox One

From the team behind the 1990 classic The Secret of Monkey Island, Thimbleweed Park is its spiritual successor and has a very similar feel to games from that era, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. The game begins with a man murdered and left in a creek, and it’s your task to solve the case in the charmingly bizarre town, in a similar way to Twin Peaks. The game is detailed and features complex puzzles and a complex world. With a well-thought out story, this really is very, very good fun indeed. LOB

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