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Generation Games, National Waterfront Museum Swansea, Sat 21st Oct-Mar 2018. Free.

Video game archiving still has a long way to go, but it seems like the National Waterfront Museum are making some progress by displaying one man’s comprehensive collection of video game consoles. Caerphilly resident Samuel Anstee has been smitten with video games since a child, and he’s endeavoured to collect every single console from every Generation since. Video game consoles first hit the UK in 1973, and Anstee’s collection spans every single generation of consoles up until the present – he’s even showing his rarest console, a 1972 US Odyssey, which predates the official date for the first UK console. There’ll be opportunity to play each of the consoles and reflect upon how far gaming has come as an art form. The collection will bridge the gap between the games, all through the lens of one man’s ever youthful appreciation for the art form.

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