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After stamping their mark on the top 10 album chart, touring with Biffy Clyro and announcing a plethora of shows; Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes’ explosive entrance into 2017 is only just the beginning. Their latest LP Modern Ruin sees frontman Frank Carter compassionately lay down his emotions with a guttering force. Ffion Riordan-Jones spoke to him about human relationships, dangerous music and world domination.


How do you feel about recording such an emotionally open album comparison to your previous work?

Everything I do is passionate, especially as delivery goes. It was tough because it was much more personal. The record is about human relationship and how complicated they are, either fulfilling or terrifying and everything in between. It’s about trying to navigate through the terrifying stormy sea that is adulthood. The first song is about my dog and the last song is about my daughter and everything in between is about me and my wife. It’s tough in some ways to listen to now although really lovely because it is a celebration of our strength in who we are and what we have become. I feel really lucky.

How have you felt about the reception of Modern Ruin?

I try and stay away from reviews to be honest. It’s funny, I could read 100 amazing reviews from people that totally get what I was trying to do, but if I read one shit review it can ruin my whole fucking day. I’m learning to be better with criticism. A lot of people don’t like my music, I’ve has a lot of outspoken and quite vocal critics my whole life but for some reason with this record I feel so happy with it. It’s done so much for me.

What excites you about this sold out Rattlesnakes UK tour?

I say this a lot, but I feel so lucky. I have this career in music back and in a position where it’s the healthiest it’s ever been. Arguably, I’m tapping on the door where I left things in Gallows but it’s really exciting to be doing that 12 years later. I’m doing it in such a way where I have a better appreciation of what I have, with a greater respect of my fans and people in the music industry.

On top of that, I’m a better performer in a better headspace. I think that makes our shows 10 times more fun and 10 times less violent. I want to create a safe space where people can enjoy dangerous music. Where people know that they’ll have a great night even if they lose all their friends. It’s really important to me.

Looking to the future, what are you hoping to achieve?

World domination, that’s the plan! We are really excited because we have enough material now where we can play a different set every night on a platform wide enough where we can really enjoy ourselves. I’ll play as much as I can, but I do have a two-year-old so need to be home a lot too. I don’t want to miss her growing up. So for the rest of the year there is a lot of touring, but also I want to be a good husband and dad.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, The Globe Fri 26 Mar. Tickets: sold out (check box office for returns). Info: 07590 471888 /

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