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Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Fri 24 + Sat 25 Mar

Acclaimed and innovative theatre practitioner Robert Lepage’s work is performed the world over, but rarely comes to Wales, but this is an opportunity to see his work The Far Side of the Moon, performed by Yves Jacques. Lepage is one of Canada’s most acclaimed theatre directors/writers, his company EX MACHINA is known for its multidisciplinary work encompassing film, performance, dance and innovative sound scaping. First presented in Quebec City in 2000, this production has toured over 45 cities around the world.

The play concentrates on the conflict between two brothers, Phillipe and his twin Andre, who are trying to come to grips with the death of their mother. Phillipe is an introvert philosopher, looking to the stars for meaning in the universe, while Andre takes a much more pragmatic view on interplanetary mysteries than his brother. Using both the microcosm of the domestic situation between the brothers, and a far ranging philosophical approach that considers quite literally the limits of the universe, this is Lepage at his esoteric best. The performance draws parallels between their fraternal bitterness and the competition between the Soviets and Americans during the space race, referencing Russian cosmonaut Leonov, and reflecting on his coming face to face with the immensity of interplanetary space as he took his first steps out of the Soyuz spacecraft.

Despite asking big questions and challenging audiences in terms of content and theatrical form, The Far Side of the Moon is a beautiful and enigmatic one-man show which seeks to deliver a witty exploration of one of the great mysteries of our time. Much like the show’s content the performance promises a merging of Lepage’s unique theatrical approaches, fusing light, sound and form, alongside a witty, human, and engaging performance by Jaques. The Far Side of the Moon takes audiences on a spellbinding, funny and technically exquisite journey, highlighting the poetry that hides in human life.

This epic production will be performed in only three UK cities, offering a unique opportunity for audiences outside of London to experience this unparalleled work.

Tickets: £17-£22. Info: 029 2063 6464 /


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