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In a move reminiscent of the Elephant Parade in London, a collection of 60 five-feet high SuperDragonswill be brightening the streets of Newport this July. The dragons have been created by local artists and will make a trail from the riverside to the city centre and around the surrounding neighbourhoods. Trail maps will be available on the website nearer the time, but if you really can’t wait to see them, a selection will be shown at Tredegar house on Sun 18 Jul. The designs include one made of recycled bottle tops, one modelled on Elvis, one depicting the tale of King Arthur, and even a golf themed dragon to celebrate Newport being the 38th host city for The Ryder Cup.

The project is hoped to result in thousands of people getting out and about, following the trail and taking greater pride in Newport.  The event will run from Mon 19 July till Sat 9 Oct- after this time, the SuperDragons will be auctioned and the proceeds donated to Tenovus and  Born Free.

Info: 01273 833 146

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  • Jack d

    wheres the chocolate dragon 2

    • julie griffiths

      have you found it yet ?

  • paul

    i know where the dragon is and will trade for imformation of the location of the touring dragon!

  • julie griffiths

    i know where the chocolate dragon is but not seen it and have not seen touring dragon.

  • julie griffiths

    Shame the Dragons in most locations have been vandalised. Just shows the lowlife of the City cant be bothered to do something constructive instead of desructive, dont think they know the diference in the meaning anyway.!!

  • Maggie Thomas

    Shame on those mindless idiots who have vandalised some of the Super Dragons in the city! Just spent a weekend in Newport and thought they were fantastic. As usual – a small minority spoiling it for the majority.

  • Outstanding piece of writing particular in dragon sculptors! I presume that the dragons have been created by local artists. Thanks a lot 🙂