Chris Williams


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At the end of last year, Bridgend-based games developers Dojo Arcade released their debut game Creature Battle Lab, a colourful and addictive game for iOS and Android devices. Imagine Robot Wars with cute and colourful creatures in place of robots fighting in arenas similar to The Crystal Maze’s zones; this is a bit like the premise for Creature Battle Lab.

The game places you as lab’s new intern, where you’re taken under the wing of Professor Helix, the leading authority on genetic creatures. From Professor Helix you’ll learn how to create a team of creatures, get them battle ready and take on opponents in any of the lab’s 27 individual arenas.

After a short tutorial you are a “fully trained creature technician”; if you want to then, for a one off payment you can join the ‘CBL Club’, instantly unlocking all creature attachments, shapes and patterns so you can create all the creatures your imagination desires.

After your introduction to the creatures’ powers you can choose to create your own creature or continue battling with an already existing one. The creature creations include over 200 attachments and plenty of shapes and patterns to customise your creatures. You are in control of the look of your creature and the skills they possess, making a nearly endless possibility of creature combinations. You are awarded ‘DNA’ which enables you to buy features for your creatures – skills, arenas, creatures and attachments.

Creature Battle Lab is a fun, uncomplicated and quite addictive mobile game, as the game’s description says “play for a few minutes or hours, it’s up to you”. Not only is the battle element entertaining, you also have the other side of the game – creating your own funny little creatures .


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