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Games Review

PRUNE ****

Polyculture, iOS, Android

While playing taxing games can be great fun and hugely rewarding, sometimes you just want to unwind and enjoy a game for its beauty and simplicity. Prune is a great example of this and while it has its difficult moments, it’s ultimately very simple to pick up and play. With great graphic and sound design, you prune a plant as it grows, trying to guide it past obstacles to the sunlight where it will blossom. It’s very zen indeed, and it’s also available in Welsh. LOB


Grezzo, 3DS

Undoubtedly one of the best games to be released on the console, this charming game mixes elements of RPG and management in a similar style to Stardew Valley, just in a more developed style. You manage a town – an oasis in a desert – and build it up, attracting villagers to settle and set up shop. These villagers ask you to carry out quests, with plenty of side quests and exploration of Zelda-esque dungeons. It’s good fun and a great blend of genres that’s sure to keep all sorts of gamers entertained. LOB

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