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LauraJacksonandAliceLevineforMcArthurGlenDesignerOutletsUK2015 2ALICE LEVINE’S FASHION TIPS

Ahead of her autumn fashion launch with McArthurGlen, television and radio presenter Alice Levine found time in her busy schedule to talk to Ryan Jones about working with Laura Jackson, fashion icons and her top tips for autumn.

What fashion tips would you give for autumn?

Layers, layers, layers! For example, a thin polo neck under a jumper, a shirt under a dress, a jacket plus a coat. I love a trench coat as it can immediately add a 60s/70s tailored feel to any outfit. I can’t wait for the Jaeger trench exclusive to McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Bridgend this autumn. Clashing textures and prints along the way looks great or alternatively you can go really matchy. I love wool with silk, or leather with cashmere, it’s nice to mix up fabrics. I think autumn is also the perfect time to try that androgynous tailored vibe.

Who are your fashion icons?

In terms of modern muses, I love Michelle Williams and how she mixes and matches things and always looks herself. Her hair and make-up is always flawless too. I also look to icons from different eras. 70s Charlotte Rampling, what a babe! Diane Keaton had an incredible look.

What is the strangest item of clothing that you have bought?

A vintage floor length, brocade, 60s evening gown in gold and turquoise. It’s strange because I don’t know when I’ll ever have the grand occasion to wear it!

Would you ever swap jobs with Laura for the year?

Well we both do the same thing; we’re both presenters so I think it would be quite an easy swap! Only thing is I’d have weekends off. That would be a novelty!

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