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This month’s Buzz Magazine Welsh Sports Podcast looks deep in to the psychology of Sports Leadership out there in the fields, on court, when the going gets tough. We’ll be drilling down into the detail of what buttons the best bosses push…and when they push them.

Wales Men’s rugby start another Autumn Series with no Sam Warburton. How do you replace a Lion like Sam? Wales football couldn’t quite cope with the Bale-Out factor…He might not have been skipper during the Euros and the World Cup campaign but he was the leader in many other ways. He set the standard. Dealt with the press. Wore the weighty pressure of a nation around his neck. Embodied the #TogetherStronger motto.

To get to the heart of this burning issue, we’re bringing together some of Wales’ most inspirational and experienced leaders –  the captain of Wales Netball Suzy Drane, the captain of Wales Hockey Luke Hawker and the captain of Great Britain Basketball Stef Collins. Get ready to get pumped up.

The Welsh Sports Podcast is made by Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Sport Broadcast students.

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