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Games Review


Bethesda, PC

Games like Morrowind are rare, and since its release 15 years ago, it’s captivated the hearts of RPG fans with its otherworldly surreal universe. The many overhauls, fan-made remakes and mods are testament to this, and with a major new overhaul having recently been released, it’s worth taking a look back. It has a magic to it that its successor Skyrim never quite captured, and instead of referencing real-world cultures for inspiration, it feels like playing in a dream. At a bargain price, Morrowind is a timeless classic. LOB


Sega, PC

The sequel to the award-winning Total War: Warhammer, a change in direction for the normally historically based strategy series, Total War: Warhammer 2 is a bigger and better insight into the Warhammer universe. You choose from four unique factions to wage war in a truly epic fantasy world, with new units and gaming elements that make it feel fresh. However, it feels harder to relate to than the historical series and a small (read big) part of me wishes they’d apply some of this magic into what made the games so enjoyable in the first place. LOB

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