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games review


Nintendo, Nintendo Switch

For a game that encourages exploration, Super Mario Odyssey sure is infuriating. Some parts will drive you mad whilst others will make you punch the air with some of the finest platforming ever seen in 30 years of Mario.  But this weakness may just be its greatest strength, for as you hunt around several stunning kingdoms replete with their own unique populace and music you’ll use your companion Cappy to bounce, fly, stretch, and explode your way to victory over Bowser.  Colourful and charming, deceptively difficult but ultimately rewarding, this is a triumph for Nintendo. (JP)

Call of Duty: WWII ***

Activision, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Call of Duty: WWII eschews the futuristic trajectory of Advanced Warfare and takes us back to World War II via Normandy on D-Day and other iconic battles across Europe. A solid and enjoyable single player campaign is let down by a disappointing multiplayer experience (usually the other way around in past instalments). A paucity of maps and a lack of balance between unit types make for a below-par online affair, which is frustrating and a real pity. (MH)

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