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BUZZ DIY Worskshop Logo

Collage final

Buzz Magazine and Diffusion Photography Festival have formed a partnership to manage and co-curate a public DIY space at the Tramshed. This hub will be a multi workshop space focusing on Self-publishing, DIY, Zines, Photography, Graffiti, Music, Video & Film, Creative Writing & illustration. Individuals can learn how self-publishing can empower them and develop their work and creativity. The space will be open for the entire month of May 2017.

The Buzz space will enable the public to drop in and make their own zines for free, this is open to all ages (+16) and levels of talent. Their finished work will be exhibited in the space, and via the Buzz and Diffusion website. This will run parallel to a preview show of buzz25: retrospective exhibition.

buzz25 exhibition: a retrospective look at the history and content of buzz over the last 25 years highlighting the process in creating a self-funding independent publication before the introduction of the internet and the transition into the digital & social media age. The DIY workshops and exhibition are free and attendees will also have an opportunity to attend talks, pop-up gigs and events. We have consciously kept theses workshops free to include everyone in the community.