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book review

Nick Frampton (Self-published)

I am certainly not the target audience for this feel-good romance, where protagonist Katy returns from a year abroad and, whilst trying to put her life back together, is forced to choose between her ex David and Rhodri – both of whom are depicted as six-foot-plus muscly dreamboats with oceans of sensitivity. The clichés of the genre abound; a good editor would have cut down much of the fat here immediately, such are the perils of self-publishing. But somehow I was won over in the end with the warmth and sweetness of the prose, the openness of the characters and the good natured-ness of the plot. It’s also nice to see an attempt to imbue Cardiff with the same romanticism that London and Paris so often get undeservedly imbued with.

Price: £5.99. Info: (FT)

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