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Book Review

Piu Eatwell (Liveright)

In this informative and insightful account of a true life American unsolved murder, the author conveys a detailed and succinct account of the infamously-titled Black Dahlia case and her findings.

The murder in question occurred on January 15th 1947, when the dismembered body of Elizabeth Short was discovered in Los Angeles. The subsequent investigation led to many different leads and questionable police tactics, conveyed methodically in different sections.

Piu Eatwell relays the different stages of the enquiry from the perspective of journalists, police and suspects in the case with the right mix of evidence and emotion. Not having previously read about the case and as a predominant fiction reader I found this to be an intriguing account with the unfolding events reading much like a novel at times, thoroughly researched and expertly told.

Price: £8.99. Info: (RH)

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