About Us

Buzz Magazine is South Wales’ leading free monthly entertainment magazine, and has been for 25 years. Covering Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, the Valleys, Gwent and West Glamorgan, Buzz is the definitive guide to what’s on and happening in art, theatre, music, clubs, fashion and sport.

25,000 copies of Buzz are distributed every month to all key information centres, hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants, museums, theatres, galleries, record stores and universities.

buzzmag.co.uk is Buzz Magazine’s online face, and covers events and topics all across Wales. It features everything in the magazine, Buzz TV documentaries and short films, content from our team of dedicated bloggers, photography, listings, and more. Buzz is also available via the Buzz App on the Google Play Store, iTunes, and the Amazon App Store.

Distribution is mapped out in the sidebar. A list of everywhere we distribute to can be found here.

Buzz is…

Publisher: Emma Clark

Emma started Buzz 25 years ago, and after raising the magazine to the upper echelons where it now resides, she can be found on a daily basis faffing about with her chickens, dog, allotment and ducks. In between planting tomatoes and dog-walking, she maintains the overall running of the magazine and develops the Buzz media training.

Editor: Fedor Tot

Fedor is the Editor of Buzz Magazine and is responsible for making sure that each issue of Buzz, and its site, is filled with exciting, new content that shows off Wales to the world.

Music/Listings Editor: Noel Gardner

Noel is the Listings Editor at Buzz which involves collating all the events happening in South Wales each month and shuffling them about until they turn up at the back of the magazine. He’s also the Music Editor which involves giving CDs to writers to review, and upcoming gigs to writers to preview, and crossing his fingers that they write something like he would have written.

Buzz TV: Jaydon Martin

The head of Buzz Magazine’s video branch, Buzz TV, Jaydon is Buzz’s resident hipster with eccentric outfits and his vinyl obsession. He’s got a good eye for a shot, and an interesting story though, so we keep him around.

Accounts: Teresa Clark

More commonly known as TC, Teresa keeps the purse strings nice and tight on the Buzz accounts – there’ll be no duck houses or second homes on TC’s watch! Oh, and for all you slackers out there not paying your invoices on time. TC’s got a handbag full of bricks and she knows how to use it. You’ve been warned! TC is also a massive fan of mead.

Film Writer: Keiron Self

Actor, raconteur and dedicated pun machine, Keiron can be found casting his eyes over the best films of the month and keeping us on our toes as to what to watch or not watch as the case may be.

For details on magazine productions, design work and TV and filming please contact: info@buzzmag.co.uk